Samir Bhongade

Samir Bhongade

“I was educated and experienced, with a missing element in my career. There is a deafening silence in the world of intelligence. I knew, intelligence was not scarce, but it’s sources were rare. I was hunting for one!” said he.

Fascinated with robots, he knew their paths would cross. His passion lay in making the robots talk to humanism and make the complex painstaking world around them an easy journey. Like a child would insist to visit a park, his will insisted him to visit a right place to work. It was in August 2018 that he found his park full of robots. One glance at the shop-floor and he felt heavy lightness on his shoulders! He had found the place of his dreams!

He began his journey with Armstrong and soon was the owner of one of the challenging projects in the organization. The hurdle wasn’t one, there came many. From tackling technical issues of the project to handling men at work at the customer’s site. “Though every aspect of the project was at a completion stage, the installation was a story in itself. I spent weeks convincing the labour at customer site that, ‘with robots at work their jobs weren’t at stake’, but that, ‘with them, their lives were going to be better’.”said he. His happiness had no bounds when the same bundle of people helped him build the site. He had already won the whole game! This project was a grand success in the history of Armstrong.

From learning new things as a robotics engineer to now handling complex projects and training the juniors as a team-leader he has come a long way in jig time. It indeed is a critical praise when we mean it and describe him as- ‘robotically dedicated’. He not only is committed in his day to day activities but he also almost exactly left us dumbfounded at the sight that met our eyes during a customer visit. He stood strong even with hyperpyrexia and when his body shivered with weakness. He suffered from typhoid. He admitted himself in the hospital after the customer visit was successful. “I wouldn’t have responded well to the medicines with my mind stuck in my half done work. I had to complete it. I had to do what I was committed to. To me, my customer is my very first priority. How could I put something else on the top of the list. Typhoid could wait for a day!” said he.

Armstrong salutes his dedication and commitment and is utterly proud of him being a part of the team.

That’s Samir Bhongade.
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