Mayur Bacchav

Sayali Alai

She grew up with financial hardships in a society not exactly liberal while Mechanical Engineering was not considered a female’s forte. She had accomplished what seemed unachievable to society. She learned about Armstrong and their resonating values were crystal clear to her right away! She chose her skies to fly and Armstrong was her horizon.

She was encouraged to be confident and the girl who otherwise chose to be quiet, shared her opinions firmly in the crowd, that’s the spell Armstrong had on her. After working in multiple departments, she currently leads the Projects Management Office as the Manager. Although, she is still reckoned by her old teammates as the woman who left others in awe with her exceptionally fast and flawless assembly skills.
When asked about her best memory with Armstrong, with moist eyes she narrated “While I met with a severe bus accident last year and was on the verge of unconsciousness, had no one but my young sister along who was scared and shivering. The first name that had stricken my mind for help in such distress was of an Armstrong member” she knew Armstrong family will run for her rescue even before her own. She was hospitalized at the earliest by a family member who was himself recovering from surgery. Treated in the ICU, she was mesmerized to see the entire Armstrong family visiting her to check on her health, even the founders and management! Such are the threads of attachment Armstrong weaves with you, she says.

She always doubted her capabilities but Armstrong believed in her and gave her the wings to soar high. Her hard work and resilience paid off and she was awarded with ‘The best leader 2019’! That’s Sayali Alai. And What’s Your Story?